Psychology, Speaking & Workshops


1:1 Evidence-based interventions

Tailored to your individual needs

I provide individual psychotherapy to adults (19 years+) facing a variety of challenges and life transitions, such as:


Coping and life transitions

Low self-esteem


Communication skills

Personal Growth and Wellbeing

Chronic pain 

Emotion regulation

Stress management / burnout

Health concerns 

Interpersonal relationships

Trauma and PTSD

My services may also be beneficial for people who think they’re doing relatively well and want to learn to feel and function even better.

Meetings are entirely online, via a secure web-based platform, so you can take care of your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.

How i can help

My Approach

My approach in psychotherapy is very person-centered and collaborative. I believe every person is unique and I am committed to working together and tailoring my knowledge of evidence-based approaches to meet individual needs.

I’ve been told by past mentors that some of my greatest strengths as a psychologist are my professionalism and my strong compassionate presence. I know how uncomfortable it can be to seek help for the first time and I am committed to being there for you along the way and making this process as healing as possible.

My approach to therapy is also very dialectical – I try to balance acceptance and change in my interventions, and compassion and present-moment awareness are deeply embedded in my sessions with clients. I often encourage my clients to do the same in their own lives and integrate mindfulness, kindness and compassion towards themselves and others. 

I strongly believe that making small changes can often lead us to live more meaningful lives. A past teacher once told me “psychotherapy is taking the power that we have to suffer less”. It takes a lot of courage to make that first appointment, and yet that small action could potentially change your life. If you think you might benefit from online psychotherapy, I invite you to take that first step and reach out to me. I consider it both an honour and a privilege to accompany my clients along their journey.

Sharing My Extensive knowledge

Consultation for Registered Healthcare Providers

I’m happy to share my extensive knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other Mindfulness-based approaches by providing clinical consultation to other registered healthcare providers. 


Professional Consultation


These services are offered following College guidelines, and consist of “the provision of information, within a relationship of professionals of relatively equal status, generally based upon a limited amount of information that offers a point of view that is not binding with respect to the subsequent professional behaviour of the recipient of the information” (CPO Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017). 

Please note that as such, this activity does not include the signing off of official documents such as reports or case notes. 

Individually Customized

Speaking, Workshops & Corporate Wellbeing

I can support your corporate wellbeing programs by providing workshops, trainings, or wellness retreats.

With my extensive training in Third Wave Psychology, I can share my knowledge on ways to cultivate more joy in your life, developing greater compassion for yourself and others, preventing burnout, and improving your overall wellbeing.

All speaking engagements, workshops, trainings, or retreats are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sessions are 50 minutes in duration.
  • The recommended frequency of appointments may vary from one person to another based on individual concerns. Dr. Martel usually recommends more frequent appointments to begin, as you get to know each other and learn new skills, and sessions can often be more spaced out after having built some momentum. That being said, Dr. Martel will respect any scheduling or financial constraints you may have, and she recommends having this discussion together at the end of your first meeting.
  • The length of your treatment is up to you. ​
  • When you book an initial consultation, you’ll receive an information and consent form and a short intake form to complete, where you will be asked about your main concern(s)/reason(s) for seeking services, what strategies you have tried so far, and what changes you would like to make in your life. ​
  • During your intake appointment, Dr. Martel will ask questions to understand more in depth the context of your current struggles. You’ll have the opportunity to describe your past and current situation, share your hopes for therapy, and ask any question you may have. ​
  • At the end of this first meeting, if Dr. Martel thinks she may be able to help, and if you’d like to pursue therapy with her, you’ll discuss your goals and next steps together.
  • If for some reason, at the end of the intake appointment, Dr. Martel thinks that she may not be suited to help you, she will happily refer you to someone else who may be more helpful to address your specific concerns. ​​
  • All appointments are booked in Jane (an online booking system) and are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Dr. Martel offers appointments between the hours of 11:30am and 8:00pm EST for Ontario residents / between 8:30am and 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) for residents of British Columbia.  
  • Research in psychology demonstrates that in many cases, online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. It can be convenient if you’re unable to leave your home, if you are managing a busy schedule or if you simply prefer to stay within the comfort of your home. 
  • However, there are some circumstances where online therapy may not be recommended. Dr. Martel can help you determine whether or not online therapy may be appropriate for you. 
  • Dr. Martel’s professional fees are consistent with the Ontario and British Columbia Psychological Associations and are $225 per 50-minute appointment.
  • Payment is due at time of service and can be made by sending an e-transfer to [email protected]. A receipt will be sent to you following your appointment, which you may submit to your health insurance company if applicable. Some coverage plans require a doctor’s referral prior to receiving services to receive reimbursement so please contact your benefits provider directly to verify your coverage and inquire about conditions.
  • Psychological services are income tax deductible as medical expenses.
  • When booking an appointment, that time is reserved for you. As such, 48 hours-notice is required for appointment cancellation, or the full session fee is applied.
  • We ask that fees for missed or late-cancelled appointments be paid no later than the day of the appointment that is being cancelled/rescheduledin order to retain future scheduled appointments. 
  • Dr. Martel is a registered provider with Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC). She is happy to provide direct billing for veterans through VAC/Medavie Blue Cross. Please provide her with the appropriate information *prior* to your appointment if you wish to have direct billing, otherwise you will be responsible for payment and can contact VAC to inquire about reimbursement. Please note she is not an affiliate provider through PCVRS and no longer provides services for the rehabilitation program. 
  • Although many insurance providers cover the cost of psychological services, Dr. Martel does not offer direct billing with other insurance providers other than VAC. A receipt will be emailed to you following your appointment, which you may submit to your health insurance company if applicable.
  • Some coverage plans require a doctor’s referral prior to receiving services to receive reimbursement so please verify your coverage conditions.
  • Please note that Dr. Martel does not complete forms or coordinate any return to work plans for insurance companies
  • Offering varying rates for different people may feel unfair and Dr. Martel prefers to remain consistent. As such, her professional fees do not vary from person to person. 
  • If you require a lower fee, please visit the Resources page where you will find resources that can help you find a therapist with a lower rate. 
  • As a registered psychologist, Dr. Martel can assess and communicate a psychological diagnosis.
  • However, there is a debate in the scientific community on the utility of diagnostic labels. Instead, leaders in the field are increasingly leaning towards thinking about underlying processes of mental health disorders.
  • Although a DSM diagnosis may at times have certain benefits such as facilitating insurance coverage, Dr. Martel tends to view people for who they are in their uniqueness as human beings, beyond any label, and her hope is to help you develop a more nuanced view of your struggles, how you came to develop such struggles, and how to overcome them.  
  • Dr. Martel does not prescribe medications.